Welcome to THE GREEN TEAM!

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Hello and welcome to the Green Team!  This is our team website and where you should go for all pertinent information regarding everything GREEN! Your core teachers for the year are Mr. Olinski, Mrs. King, and Mrs. Klein. We hope that you are having a wonderful summer and are confident you will find JP an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

This year will be structured a bit differently than elementary school. You will have a block of ELA, reading and writing combined, taught to you by your homeroom teacher. Then throughout the course of your day you will rotate to Mr. Olinski for math, Mrs. King for science, and Mrs. Klein for social studies.

Our class supply list:

  • Pencils (plenty of them!)   NO MECHANICAL!
  • Black Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Pack of 3×5 cards
  • Zippered pencil case
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 1 (1”) BLUE BINDER
  • 1 (1”) GREEN BINDER
  • 1 (1”) BLACK BINDER
  • 1 BINDER (of a different color)
  • 3 packs of page dividers for binders (need 15 total dividers) 
  • TI-30xIIs calculator for math


  • Ruler
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • USB Drive

Again, welcome to the Green Team, TEAM AWESOME!  If you need another copy of the newsletter and GREEN TEAM T-SHIRT order form, here you go!


7th Grade Summer Reading

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Here is a link to the Summer Reading information/presentation that you watched in the gymnasium.  Also, if you have any questions please email Mrs. DeBree or Mrs. Roach; cdebree@fairport.org and croach@fairport.org

Do not forget, your packet is due the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!



In a nutshell…
* All students have signed out a copy of “Where the Red Fern Grows” to read over the summer.  They are responsible for keeping track of the book and bringing it with them to school on the first day of 7th grade.
* Students received a literature packet to accompany this novel.  They are to complete the packet and bring it to school on the first day.
* Students should fill out a 3×5 index card with details from the story that they will be able to use during an assessment of this novel during the first week of school.

Please note –
* If your child loses or damages their novel, they will be billed for the cost of replacing it.  In addition, they will need to get another copy of this novel to finish their assignment.  An extra copy to complete the assignment can be obtained from the public library, purchasing on their own, or from the main office at JP.
* If the literature packet is lost, students will need to print another copy from the 7th grade ELA website OR from our Green Team website.  They are expected to have a completed packet on the first day of school.
* Honors students have the expectation that they will read 25 books by June 2016.  They can get started on this over the summer.  For any book they read over the summer, they need to write a 10-sentence summary capturing the main details – including characters, setting and plot.




4th Quarter is Here!

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It is hard to believe but we are already into the 4th Marking Period.  The year has definitely flown by!  We have made it through a long winter and the recent rounds of state testing.  Now we turn our attention to spring, wrapping up our year, and our final preparations for 7th grade!
In ELA we are currently working on our speeches, which will be given Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  The students have been working hard on them and the topics sound great.  We look forward to hearing them.  You can check out their last project, Glogster, which was a combination of ELA and Soc. St.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR CHILD TO DRESS UP FOR THEIR SPEECH AND OUR TRIP TO THE ART GALLERY ON THURSDAY.
As we enter the final weeks of the year  ELA will be busy with project work.  Please continue to check in with your child to make sure they are on track.  We are helping the students with their time management skills.  They will also be looking for your assistance with some of the activities; be on the lookout!
In math we will have 3 more chapters before the end of year.  We will also continue to work on our review of all of the topics that we have covered so far.  Please have them reference the website for clarity on a nightly basis and keep encouraging them to see Mr. O for help when needed.
In social studies, we are currently traveling through Greece and spending time learning the geography of this Mediterranean peninsula and numerous islands.  Students are becoming experts on the specifics of this civilization and making connections to our world today.  We will finish the year studying Rome and the Middle Ages which will lend themselves to interdisciplinary ELA/SS projects to finish our year.  More information will be sent home as the projects unfold.
In science classes, we are finishing up the inside of the Earth by identifying minerals and rocks through a series of lab stations. Next, and throughout the rest of the year, we will be exploring the environment and ways in which we can protect it. We will enjoy a field trip to a working farm in June as well as develop a National Parks project that we have been researching all year long. We love science!
Mrs. Dambra, Mrs. King, and Mr. Olinski


March Update and Survey

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Here we are, only 15 weeks left in the school year!  It seems like it has gone by so fast!  As we continue our push toward June we wanted to share some important information with you.
  1. Please take 2 minutes and complete this form for us.  It is in relation to the Habits of Mind that we focus on as a team.
  2. ELA:  We are slowly beginning our prep for the state test, which is the week of April 13.  We are also beginning to transition to the mix of projects and writing in ELA.  Continue to be on the lookout for information from your child on these tasks.
  3. Math:  Thursday will be our Chapter 9, 10, and 12 test and then we will transition to a review of all of our topics this year as we prepare for the state test.  This test will begin the week of April 20.
  4. Science:  We have completed our meteorology and exploring the Earth’s surface units. We are currently going on an adventure into the interior of the Earth and will investigate how our continents have moved over time. Additionally, we will study earthquakes, rocks and minerals during this hands-on unit.
  5. Social Studies:  We are currently visiting China and will make a brief stop in the Indus River Valley with a focus on geography, government and religious beliefs.  After our spring recess, we will spend time in Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages.  It will be a busy end to the year as we will have many interdisciplinary projects that go with each of these units.
  6. 5 Week Grades:  Over the course of this week and next, your child will have received their 5 week grade printout.  Again, these are the same scores you can see when you access the portal.  We give the students a “hard-copy” as a way to reinforce the fact that all of the grades average together and create their overall average.
As always, we thank you for your support.  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Winter Greetings!

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As the holidays approach and break looms, we wanted to take a few minutes to update you on some of the exciting things happening on The Green Team!
  • Please visit our site and check out your child’s PREZI!  We’ve inserted the link for you but if you are looking to share with others in the family it can be found under STUDENT WORK, PREZI, 2014-2015.  As a collaborative effort between our science and ELA classes, as well as among all 3 homerooms, students created amazing presentations!
  • Yesterday the team partook in the HOUR OF CODE.  Each student created their own account that they can use if they chose.  During class the students took the tutorial and then spent an hour exploring CODE and using it to make games work.
  • 5 weeks have officially passed and students’ grades can be accessed online.  Although 5 weeks are posted as such, you can always track your child’s progress online as we continue to post their grades as we score them.
We wish you a happy, safe holiday season.  Thank you for your support this year and as we enter 2015 we look forward to even greater things to come.
Don’t forget…pencils and paper make great stocking stuffers!


December Green Team Challenge!

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Green Team Challenge for December 2014… How many can you do? Let us know! Alumni join in also!! You don’t need to do them on the set days!!!


2nd Quarter and the Holidays are upon us!

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It is hard to believe that we are already into the second quarter and the holidays are right in front of us!  The year is going by so quickly!  Yesterday’s first snowfall will only add to the pace of our days.

As you know, report cards were posted on the Portal last week.  For many of you, this may be your first online report card.  It is our hope that you are accessing the Parent Portal on a regular basis; we are also asking the students to access it with regularity as well.  As the year progresses we will continue to maintain these expectations with your child as we slowly continue to guide them to the independence they will need in 7th grade.

One of the expectations that we have with the students is to keep a thorough agenda.  Please utilize this tool to engage your child in conversation about their day.  It should never be blank and when there is no homework it should be labeled as such.  You will find your child has a mix of homework every night; there will be nightly math homework and week long assignments-such as Scholastic News, in addition to ELA, Science, and SS homework on a near nightly basis.  As we work on instilling the necessary foundations of solid academic success we look to you as our partner.

Grades are only one part of the way we gauge success at school, yet it is the most recognizable.  As you continue to monitor your child’s progress, please never hesitate to reach out to us for clarity or with any questions you may have.  As we shared earlier this year and we share continually with the students, we are available most days before school, during all lunch periods and study halls, and a handful of days after school.

As a team, we have put a lot of emphasis on Habits of Mind. To date, all students have been taught how to be persistent, how to manage their impulsivity, and how to strive for accuracy. When supporting your child in doing homework, studying or even cleaning their rooms, please remind him or her to focus on these Habits. These are life skills that should continuously be practiced both at home and at school.

As we venture into a very hectic time of the year for all, please continue to check our website (jpgreenteam.blog.fairport.org) and our calendars.  Here you can find valuable resources for all of our classes!  We thank you for your help so far this year, look forward to our continual partnership, and wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Mrs. Dambra, Mrs. King, and Mr. Olinski



September is here!

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Welcome to the GREEN TEAM, TEAM AWESOME!  It’s only been a few short days and we are off to a great start!  It was great meeting those of you that we had the opportunity to.  Speaking of opportunities to meet and share information…Monday, September 15th @ 6:30 is our Parent Open House.  Please plan on attending.  We will start our evening in the Band Room-Room 401.
Throughout the year we will be communicating and sharing information with you.  To start our year off right, please take 10 minutes and complete these 3 links. (If you have not already done so.)
1.  Parent/Child information form (This helps us get to know you and your child!)
2.  Donut Day Signup (Once a month we have a GREEN TEAM donut morning.  If you can send in 1 dozen some time throughout the year please sign up.)
3.  GREEN TEAM t-shirt order form (We have GREEN TEAM t-shirts that many students like to wear.  They are $7.)
The GREEN TEAM prides itself on working together and keeping all 3 homerooms intermixed as often as possible. Your child will have many great experiences this year and we look forward to getting started.
One site we do want to draw your attention to is the GREEN TEAM WEBSITE.  We have all of our classes and information in one location for you and the students.  They will be here often!
Thanks for taking the time to complete our forms.  We look forward to seeing all of you on the 15th!
Mr. O, Mrs. Dambra, and Mrs. King


Welcome to the Green Team!!!

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Hello and welcome to the Green Team!  This is our team website and where you should go for all pertinent information regarding everythingGREEN! Your core teachers for the year are Mr. Olinski, Mrs. King, andMrs. Dambra. We hope that you are having a wonderful summer and are confident you will find JP an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.
This year will be structured a bit differently than elementary school. You will have a block of ELA, reading and writing combined, taught to you by your homeroom teacher. Then throughout the course of your day you will rotate to Mr. Olinski for math, Mrs. King for science, and Mrs. Dambra for social studies.

Read more…


A Day in the Life…

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Your child is about to embark one of their final tasks for us, and it will be unlike any that they have attempted before.  We are asking them to chronicle “A Day in the Life” of them.  They are the director, editor, producer, and actor all in one.

They will be using a variety of technology to create this task.  Cameras, both still and video, voice recorders, music, and a variety of software will be accessible to them.  We have asked the class to use whatever hardware they have, however, we too will provide them with what they will need if they do not have something of their own.

They will be taking pictures of their day-both past and present, recording their events, and then creating a movie or slideshow of a snapshot of their life.  Soon, on our website you can view the slideshow that we created and shared with them.  In it you are able to catch a glimpse of all of the details we are looking for them to aspire to find.

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be working on this for about 2 weeks and then we will see what we can create!

Thank you for a great year.  We hope summer treats you all well and 7th grade is another great adventure for you and your child.

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