Pictures needed!

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As we shared in our last correspondence, we are about to begin our next project.  This one will require your child to bring in to school, ON A FLASH DRIVE, pictures throughout their life.
We have explained this task to all of the students.  They are aware that THEY CAN NOT USE THEIR iPHONE.  Pictures for this project will only work on the school computer if they are able to come in on a flash drive.
Students know that if there are pictures on “paper” that they want to bring in, they are to TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM ON A DIGITAL CAMERA and then put them on their stick.
Students have 1 week to collect their pictures.  We shared that they should target 2-4 per year, roughly, and need to make sure they are in all of the pictures.  Again, the specifics of what they need have been shared with them.
We stressed that THEY NEED YOUR HELP with this task.  They are to work with you to gather the pictures and get them onto the flash drive.  If they need to borrow a flash drive we can provide them with one.
Please let us know if you have any questions.  Again, THESE ARE NEEDED BY TUESDAY as we are going to begin shortly after.
Thank you again for your partnership here.  We look forward to sharing the finished project with you.


Only 6 weeks left!

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It is hard for us all to believe that we are down to the final 6 weeks of school!  The year has truly flown by so quickly and these last 6 will do so as well!
We wanted to draw attention to some of the exciting events that have, and will, take place here on The Green Team!
  • Please visit our Glogster student work page.

      The students spent a few weeks during ELA and Social Studies learning about and researching Ancient Rome.  They took this research and created an online “poster”.

  • Your child will be coming home in about 2 weeks (mid-May) talking about their need for digital pictures.  They will be in need of about 20-40 digital pictures of their life, from birth until now!  More details will follow, through them, but please look for them as they will need these.  We will share with them that if they have some on “paper” then they can take a picture with a digital camera -close up- and use those.
  • We will be taking field trips to a working dairy farm and library (early June)!  Permissions slips will come home in a few weeks.
  • We end our year with the Canterbury Walk!  In about a month (early June)your child will come home talking about their desire for a “costume”depicting the medieval times.  Again, this information will be shared with them, however, if after we explain it to them you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
As we wrap up we wanted to be certain to thank all of you for your partnership and support this year.  It truly has helped to make our year successful.  To all of the mothers on our team, have a great Mothers’ Day!
As always, if you have any questions please reach out.


Happy Holidays!

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     As we enter our last day of the 2015 school year, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy, safe holiday.  Over the break, please take a minute to view your child’s Prezi.  This is an interdisciplinary group presentation project for Science and ELA.  Have you child share with you how we created these!

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It’s December already!

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It is hard to believe that we are already into December!  The year is certainly flying by and the next time we write you we will be in 2016!

Our “big” news of the month is that we are really focusing on ways that we can help and give back.  We have taken on 2 “challenges”; The Random Acts of Kindness calendar and our partnership with Hillside Children’s Center.  We are hopeful that your child has shared with you our conversations over the past few days because it has been great hearing all of the different ways our team has been giving back!
With our partnership with Hillside Children’s Center, we are conducting a “toy drive”.  If you and your child are able to donate any new item from the list, please send it in unwrapped.  If you have specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  However, please connect with your child first.  We are really trying to make this project something they can take a hold of and own.
The list we are gathering for is:
  • Art & Craft Supplies (sketch books, paint sets,etc.)
  • Backpacks/Duffle bags/Overnight bags, and Purses/Wallets
  • Barbies and Baby Dolls (all ethnicities)
  • Bath and Body Sets/Toiletries
  • Board games,Card games,Puzzles – for all ages
  • Cologne, Perfume etc.
  • Books for all ages
  • Cosmetics (Nail polish, Eye shadow, Lip glosses, etc.)
  • Fashion Accessories and Jewelry (Male and Female)
  • Fishing Poles and Tackle
  • Fleece blankets, Pillow pets and Room Décor Items (posters, lava lamps, decorative pillows, alarm clocks)
  • Hair Accessories (Clips, Decorative headbands)
  • Hair Appliances (blow dryer, straightener, curling iron)
  • Hooded / Zip Up Sweatshirts
  • Lego Sets
  • Socks (all ages and genders) and Undershirts (for boys)
  • MP3 players and headphones (under $25) – NON-VIDEO CAPABLE
  • Model cars,helicopters, airplanes
  • Outerwear (Gloves, Hats, Mittens, Scarves)
  • Remote control cars/trucks
  • Skateboards or scooters w/ helmets
  • Sport Team Memorabilia
  • Sporting Equipment (Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer balls, Gloves)
  • Toddler toys
  • Watches (Digital and Analog)
Also, December 11th is the end of 5 weeks, our halfway point in the 2nd marking period.  Please continue to check the Portal and remind your students to stay on top of their assignments, tests, and online calendar. We have seen great growth in these areas and their personal advocacy, however, any continual push you can give would be greatly appreciated.  Especially during December, we see the students tend to get a little loose!  :-)
We hope that this holiday month is a special one for you and your family.  As 2015 winds down we wanted to thank you for your partnership with us this school year!  We are excited about what 2016 will bring!


Welcome to October!

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It is hard to believe that we are already into our second month of school!  So much has already happened and we are really looking forward to the coming months with your children.
As we move forward in October, there are a few things we will be sharing with the students.

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September is here!

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Welcome to 6th Grade and THE GREEN TEAM!  We all made it through the first week and the 3 of us are looking forward to a great year with your child.  We will be communicating with you throughout the year and we wanted to start our year by reminding you of a few important things.
OPEN HOUSE is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th.  It begins promptly at 6:30.
Please complete the following links, each will take between 1-5 minutes.
Green Team T-Shirt Order Form (please send in your $8 if you have not yet)

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Welcome to THE GREEN TEAM!

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Hello and welcome to the Green Team!  This is our team website and where you should go for all pertinent information regarding everything GREEN! Your core teachers for the year are Mr. Olinski, Mrs. King, and Mrs. Klein. We hope that you are having a wonderful summer and are confident you will find JP an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

This year will be structured a bit differently than elementary school. You will have a block of ELA, reading and writing combined, taught to you by your homeroom teacher. Then throughout the course of your day you will rotate to Mr. Olinski for math, Mrs. King for science, and Mrs. Klein for social studies. Read more…


7th Grade Summer Reading

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Here is a link to the Summer Reading information/presentation that you watched in the gymnasium.  Also, if you have any questions please email Mrs. DeBree or Mrs. Roach; cdebree@fairport.org and croach@fairport.org

Do not forget, your packet is due the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

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4th Quarter is Here!

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It is hard to believe but we are already into the 4th Marking Period.  The year has definitely flown by!  We have made it through a long winter and the recent rounds of state testing.  Now we turn our attention to spring, wrapping up our year, and our final preparations for 7th grade!
In ELA we are currently working on our speeches, which will be given Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  The students have been working hard on them and the topics sound great.  We look forward to hearing them.  You can check out their last project, Glogster, which was a combination of ELA and Soc. St.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR CHILD TO DRESS UP FOR THEIR SPEECH AND OUR TRIP TO THE ART GALLERY ON THURSDAY.
As we enter the final weeks of the year  ELA will be busy with project work.  Please continue to check in with your child to make sure they are on track.  We are helping the students with their time management skills.  They will also be looking for your assistance with some of the activities; be on the lookout!
In math we will have 3 more chapters before the end of year.  We will also continue to work on our review of all of the topics that we have covered so far.  Please have them reference the website for clarity on a nightly basis and keep encouraging them to see Mr. O for help when needed.
In social studies, we are currently traveling through Greece and spending time learning the geography of this Mediterranean peninsula and numerous islands.  Students are becoming experts on the specifics of this civilization and making connections to our world today.  We will finish the year studying Rome and the Middle Ages which will lend themselves to interdisciplinary ELA/SS projects to finish our year.  More information will be sent home as the projects unfold.
In science classes, we are finishing up the inside of the Earth by identifying minerals and rocks through a series of lab stations. Next, and throughout the rest of the year, we will be exploring the environment and ways in which we can protect it. We will enjoy a field trip to a working farm in June as well as develop a National Parks project that we have been researching all year long. We love science!
Mrs. Dambra, Mrs. King, and Mr. Olinski


March Update and Survey

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Here we are, only 15 weeks left in the school year!  It seems like it has gone by so fast!  As we continue our push toward June we wanted to share some important information with you.
  1. Please take 2 minutes and complete this form for us.  It is in relation to the Habits of Mind that we focus on as a team.
  2. ELA:  We are slowly beginning our prep for the state test, which is the week of April 13.  We are also beginning to transition to the mix of projects and writing in ELA.  Continue to be on the lookout for information from your child on these tasks.
  3. Math:  Thursday will be our Chapter 9, 10, and 12 test and then we will transition to a review of all of our topics this year as we prepare for the state test.  This test will begin the week of April 20.
  4. Science:  We have completed our meteorology and exploring the Earth’s surface units. We are currently going on an adventure into the interior of the Earth and will investigate how our continents have moved over time. Additionally, we will study earthquakes, rocks and minerals during this hands-on unit.
  5. Social Studies:  We are currently visiting China and will make a brief stop in the Indus River Valley with a focus on geography, government and religious beliefs.  After our spring recess, we will spend time in Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages.  It will be a busy end to the year as we will have many interdisciplinary projects that go with each of these units.
  6. 5 Week Grades:  Over the course of this week and next, your child will have received their 5 week grade printout.  Again, these are the same scores you can see when you access the portal.  We give the students a “hard-copy” as a way to reinforce the fact that all of the grades average together and create their overall average.
As always, we thank you for your support.  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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